masli muliaMasaji Kargosentra Tama, PT (MKT) a subsidiary of Samudera Indonesia Group has developed warehouse facilities to accommodate customers requirements for export consolidation and import deconsolidation services. In order to provide a competitive and qualified package rates/services, MKT has built a good partnership to grow together with related company. Over the years, MKT has developed an indisputable reputation of providing excellent services to competitive rates. Through their partnership with MKT, major international companies have obtained several benefits including Improved lead-times, single point of contact, increased service levels to customers, better order consoli...read more

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Office & Warehousing :

    Kawasan Industri & Pergudangan Marunda Center Blok E7 No.A & B Jl. Marunda Makmur,
    Bekasi, Indonesia

Phone & Fax :

(021) 29088220 & (021) 29088221

Office Site Pos 9 (Tjg Priok)

Telp : (021) 43931409

Office Site Enggano (Tjg Priok)

Telp : (021)26064322

Web Site & E-mail :

http://www.mkt.co.id & info@mkt.co.id